Friday, June 13, 2008

European People Do Not Want Foreign Rule – Governments Do

Ireland Says "NO!"

The only things that vote yes are governments. All popular votes on the EU have failed. When will the rulers learn and step down?
It was only a few weeks ago that both the French President Sarkozy and his Italian counterpart Silvio Berlusconi were getting ready to start up a new EU army to back up their new federal government in Brussels. Now all this is dashed to the rocks as the Irish, the only people allowed to vote on the Lisbon Treaty resoundingly trashed it.

The Irish understand the EU will be making laws that Irish must follow and that the Irish will have no vote, no say, nothing to do with the laws being made. Further they understand the to allow laws to come from Brussels would mean they no longer could have their own Independence.

At risk for the Irish were their cultural heritage, local laws that conflict with the EU, and even foods allowed to market – all the laws now controlled by appointed lawmakers who have immunity for any crimes they commit while ruling. A fixed game if ever there was.

For an example the government of Spain will not allow the recently striking truckers to set a minimum wage for their work. The Spanish government tells the Spanish people it would be against the EU laws. Spanish law is only for administering fines and making their subjects comply with European law and not for actual law making. The Spanish people may finally wake up to what the royals were doing when they secretly sold their subjects to the new European order through parliament ratification rather than allowing their subjects to read, understand and vote on the rule by foreign nationals. Strikes in Spain used to have effect and gave people the right to redress the way they were governed, now they can protest but in vain. Spain cannot change laws and no one in Europe elects the people in the EU who do. They are appointed!

Now we will watch as the rulers scramble to cash in some other way on the federal law concept. Perhaps now the European people will take a new track and go to freedom from oppression. Governments create Borders and problems. Get rid of them and have a moderating commission that will not create a EU Army like Sarkozy and Berlusconi are hoping for but a world without governments vying for subsidized armies paid with money made off the sweat of their subjects.

According to Kathy Sinnott, independent MEP and fervent opponent of the Lisbon treaty, the French government is keeping a promised blueprint on European defense and security secret until after the crucial vote.

"The French white paper on EU defense has been ready for release since May, but the French government are withholding it until after the Irish referendum," the MEP said, demanding that the text be released immediately.

Less is more EU! Stop interfering with people moving around and working and stop playing with the currency. Stop trying to tell everyone how to live, what is education, what is good and what is bad. You could not even define a woman and call them the “lesser sex.” What is right with you? Nothing, absolutely nothing. There is no reason to create a new more powerful law making body while you still have 26 enslaving you already. Why would anyone want to allow their elected officials to hand off their responsibilities to appointed immune private interests? Stop the EU!

Monday, February 04, 2008

James Brewster, Office Boy, Cuts off 911 Eyewitness Truth

Jim Brewster, the guy who holds the website and sells DVD's and truth at $10,000 a pop just closed down the 911 Eyewitness truth site. Jim Brewster has deleted all the access to the sites and all pages. Leaving only the site selling the 911 eyewitness DVDs in English and Japanese and the truth at $10,000 a pop and this one alive.

Jim Brewster has worked hard with Sofia Shafquat to dilute the evidence and content in the video done by Richard A. Siegel. Brewster has worked with Sofia to further her effort to sell the product into a conspiracy market even after her fraudulent presentation was brought to light.

Jim Brewster was blamed as giving Sofia rights but when asked Jim Brewster would not tell her he did not have them nor talk to the owner of the rights. Instead he just kept selling the DVD. This time stopping to send any payments to the owners. It looks like Jim Brewster had a hand in manufacturing the disks for Sofia of 911 Mysteries and profited handsomely from it.

This is the last site that we put our words out was and he ruined that tonight. This all brought to a shambles by the immoral subterfuge of James Brewster and Sofia Shafquat.

Jim Brewster, you are a sham and a jelly spine whiney fish of a human. You are despicable and your ill-gotten gains will be like a stain on your life. Reap what you have sown my friend.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

UK Police to Take Fingerprints At Roadside Stops

Motorists who get stopped by the police could have their fingerprints taken at the roadside, under a new plan to help officers check people's identities. And so it begins..

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Eliot Spitzer Offers WiFi Scam to NY Voters as Governor

With a giant pyramid scam at the center you will be surprised to find the keeper of laws flaunting a European pyramid wealth building WiFi company on their political ticket to the Governor race in New York. Even more surprising are the people who have "equity positions" in this pyramid scam.

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

NYC TV Brings New York Stories to World

NYCTV the Mother of All Conspiracy Sites

It was only a couple weeks ago we found this great new site called on the Internet. It started with a bang for the September 11 anniversary and soared outward to bring some breaking stories.

The newest NYCTV Logo for the NY broadcast area
NYC TV broke the recent story at Fresh Kills of the radioactive findings and was actually censored off of Shoutwire probably because it had no backup at that time. Several days later the mass media was forced to report and the story was allowed to continue again.

We think this site has some real promise and hope they keep up the cutting edge stories and increase their video offerings. So far there are some film offerings but we want to see some news features and stories! Come on guys!

Give NYC TV a visit! NYC TV

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