Monday, February 04, 2008

James Brewster, Office Boy, Cuts off 911 Eyewitness Truth

Jim Brewster, the guy who holds the website and sells DVD's and truth at $10,000 a pop just closed down the 911 Eyewitness truth site. Jim Brewster has deleted all the access to the sites and all pages. Leaving only the site selling the 911 eyewitness DVDs in English and Japanese and the truth at $10,000 a pop and this one alive.

Jim Brewster has worked hard with Sofia Shafquat to dilute the evidence and content in the video done by Richard A. Siegel. Brewster has worked with Sofia to further her effort to sell the product into a conspiracy market even after her fraudulent presentation was brought to light.

Jim Brewster was blamed as giving Sofia rights but when asked Jim Brewster would not tell her he did not have them nor talk to the owner of the rights. Instead he just kept selling the DVD. This time stopping to send any payments to the owners. It looks like Jim Brewster had a hand in manufacturing the disks for Sofia of 911 Mysteries and profited handsomely from it.

This is the last site that we put our words out was and he ruined that tonight. This all brought to a shambles by the immoral subterfuge of James Brewster and Sofia Shafquat.

Jim Brewster, you are a sham and a jelly spine whiney fish of a human. You are despicable and your ill-gotten gains will be like a stain on your life. Reap what you have sown my friend.

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